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About Me

For years I was a PA for small and large companies but always had a passion for Yoga and other fitness concepts, however I always came back to Yoga.

I have suffered with sciatica and I also have Spondylolisthesis and was referred to a physiotherapist. My condition was treated and Pilates was recommended.  

I noticed that my posture was misaligned, due to age, sitting down for long periods of time and generally bad habits.  After sessions with a chiropractor and physiotherapist because I was suffering with headaches, I discovered I had Spondylolisthesis in my lumbar spine and arthritis in my cervical spine.  I had not at that time experienced any real pain and because I was practising Pilates and Yoga regularly I was doing what I needed to.  I know what can aggravate it and avoid back bends which  

I also have experienced sciatica which is painful and debilitating and can be a bi-product of spondy. 

Both of these conditions are painful and Spondylolisthesis can be progressive and would need an operation is I got to Level 3.  Since I was diagnosed in 2010 at Level 1-2 I have not experienced any problems and hope by putting in the work with Pilates and Yoga I can keep an operation at bay!!! 

I started my training for my own personal reasons however, because the benefits are huge, I decided to start teaching and haven't looked back. My posture has improved immensely and I am aware that Yoga and Pilates is a lifetime improvement programme, one tried and tested over the years.

I completed my Yoga 200 hour alliance training with FRYOG, their motto is "Friendly yoga with a smile". I particularly enjoyed learning the philosophy and history of yoga and enjoyed reading and studying the spiritual texts, and have benefitted hugely in my life practising pranayama and meditation.

I also teach Body Balance which is a fitness yoga and includes a Tai Chi warm up, Yoga based Sun Salutations, Standing Strength and Balance exercises, Pilates abdominal and back exercises. It's a total body workout which increases your strength and flexibility.

And I incorporate my PureStretch training into all my classes............

For me, life is an ongoing learning experience and one which I embrace.

Yoga and Pilates complement each other and really do improve your life.

All other fitness now is my hobby!!!!

Location: Cookham


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