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I welcome you into my Zen Den

My Garden Studio offers space for peace and tranquility to practice Pilates, Yoga, Restorative and PureStretch.

In the summer months it stays cools with doors opening out to the garden and an air conditioning unit, and in the winter time it keeps warm due to the amazing insulation, sedum roof and underfloor heating.

I am fully equipped for all classes offering foam rollers, pilates magic circles and balls, resistance bands and soft pads.

For yoga we use bolsters, hard blocks and bricks, straps, blankets and eye pillows for relaxation.

All my classes are general and open to all levels making them suitable for beginners and regular practitioners.

If you feel uncomfortable attending a group class for the first time or have any medical conditions, please call me and arrange one to one or two to one sessions.

The Studio, 177 Whyteladyes Lane, Cookham, SL6 9LF

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