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This is the perfect exercise to stretch your hip flexors (Iliopsoas muscles) and strengthen your glutes. You will challenge your core endurance and stability and the range or rotation at the hip joint. If your piriformis is tight then the sciatic nerve can become trapped causing severe pain, this is the perfect exercise to prevent this condition.


This exercise enhances the segmental control in the lumbar spine and lengthens the latissimus dorsi muscle. It strengthens your gluteals and abdominals and stretches the erector spinae and psoas muscles.


This exercise with strengthen the back extensors, hamstrings and gluteals. Also stretching the chest, abdominals and hip flexors. The focus is on lengthening along the spine through the neck. The swan can be modified if lower back problems persist and can be advanced to the Swan Dive.


Controls rhythm and coordination. Enhances control in spinal extension and improves hip flexor flexibility. The muscles focused on are back extensors, pectorals and abdominals.


Enhances strength in the abdominal muscle group and improves breathing control and the use of thoracic breathing pattern. This exercise can be modified by resting your head on floor. You can also lengthen the legs away to advance the exercise.

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