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Rebecca - 2022

I can’t tell you how much your Pilates classes have helped me both physically and mentally.  Having been with you for 3 years now I have to say they are one of the best things about moving to Cookham!  You have helped me strengthen my body and keep me positive during the last few challenging years.

In particular you have helped me so much during my pregnancy.  Thanks to you I am now 35 weeks and still going strong with my Pilates! I’m not experiencing any of the usual pregnancy aches and pains (and no back ache at all!) and I can genuinely say it is down to your classes. You are such an attentive teacher and I feel so well looked after as you modify all the positions so they are appropriate for me. It is very rare to find a teacher who is so knowledgeable, caring and fun.

I am so grateful.

Ashley M - 2021

I am forever grateful that I found Janet, she’s changed my life forever!

4 years ago I went in search of a one-to-one Pilates instructor. After having a baby quite late in life and suffering with premature degeneration of the discs in my bottom five vertebrae, the pain I was in on a daily basis was excruciating. I was taking codeine every night to have some comfort. I knew this could not go on.

I found Janet and we instantly bonded. Her care and knowledge was amazing and we began twice weekly sessions. After 1 month I felt different, after 3 months the codeine was no longer needed. My core was strong and I was no longer in pain. By month six my body was completely turned around. My stick arms are now shapely and strong, my strength that of 20 year previous. My body has never felt better! Nearly 4 years on our standard Pilates sessions have turned into Pilates mixed with strength training. My strength and body have continued to evolve to a point I could not be happier with. I just pray Janet never retires!!!


J anet, just want to say your guidance through the moves, the breathing, the reminders of positions etc are superb. Because I am on a mobile​, for a lot of the class I would have to raise my head to see you and risk back/neck issues... but I can follow you just by listening. Brilliant guidance Janet and much appreciated.


I have been a Pilates student of Janet’s for almost 5 years. I came to Janet with crippling anxiety and a bad back. Thanks to Jan's natural ability to make you feel at ease, make you laugh and make you work hard - these 2 things are greatly improved, I am addicted! I am so happy that we are now able to do Jan's classes virtually; we continue to work hard and still have the odd giggle or 2 at the same time.


Thank you for this morning's Pilates session Jan. It's the first time I've done anything like this and didn't know what to expect. It almost felt like we were all together.


Jan, just to say that I really enjoyed the class this morning. It was so great to see and hear you and pretend like everything was back to normal... The platform worked well for me and I found it very easy to use.


The Friday morning Pilates group had their first remote class with Jan. Where people were using the Zoom app for the first time Jan was able to talk them through connecting. Please don't be afraid of the technology.

We started on time; the lesson was slightly different in that Jan was giving us quite a bit of instruction which made you more consciously aware of our moves, posture and breathing. Or perhaps I was just listening more. She is also able to see you and comment on you individually.

Teacher is marking the homework. Glad I did it and will be back next week. It is definitely not doing exercise to a DVD/video. My Jane Fonda video still has its place!.

If you are craving your classes I recommend it.


Janet, just wanted to say thank you for the session yesterday and today I'm sore but never been happier to feel sore!. Thank you for providing some normalcy and peace into my week, has made a big difference.


I loved the class, think you may have to keep a weekly online one.


So good to see you today and to be able to do Pilates with the class. I really enjoyed it! So much so, I was wondering if I can also join another class this week.


Thank you for the wonderful class this morning. In this terrible time we are all having it was the highlight of my week. I feel refreshed and a little happier and I know I will sleep better tonight.


Studio classes

Simon - 2020

I must just tell you Jan that Im so glad & lucky that I found you as my Yoga Teacher. You were such a Great Teacher and made my intro into Yoga such a positive one that I know both my body and mind has benefitted and Im certainly looking forward to get back to classes and regain some suppleness !

Rachel Billinghurst - 2019

Jan, since doing 2 Pilates classes a week has helped me in so many ways with my body shape/tone. I feel an extra class would just be great. I have dropped my classes at the gym as I felt it wasn't doing much for me anymore and I enjoy Pilates more anyway!

Andy Testa - 2019 ​

I joined Janet's classes 2 years ago to help with knee and IT band pain while cycling. I am happy to report, I am back out on the road with no issues, thanks to Janet's fun yet focused approach to the individual needs of her clients.

Elizabeth Slade - 2019

Jan's Yoga classes are a perfect mix of Yin and Yang Yoga poses combined with meditation and Jan includes some life-affirming readings, which compliment the season. Working with Jan has been instrumental for me in increasing self-understanding and self-love, which has importantly enabled me to access a new state of calmness and relaxation in my work as a performer.

Barbara Halstead - 2019

Your in-depth Pilates knowledge, your easy style and the happy atmosphere make for extremely enjoyable classes, which I really appreciate.

Chrissy Hopkins - 2018

I started Jan’s classes about 6 months ago and have loved the warm and friendly atmosphere of her studio. Every week Jan manages to vary her exercises to cover the whole body so you can never get bored. Her experience and knowledge is immense and she really understands the workings of the body so can cater for all abilities and different issues that some people may have. I really love your classes Jan.

Thalia Kenton - 2018

Jan makes Pilates such fun you forget you're doing it! She is a considerate and experienced teacher who is always mindful of individuals and tailors classes to suit everyone, making this a perfect 'mixed-ability' class. She is entertaining and her studio is a cosy haven. Classes are small and friendly and I can't recommend them enough. Thanks Jan! 

Lara Cetinich-Cory - 2017

I was initially very hesitant to try Pilates, but since joining Jan's class I have been truly converted. You are a wonderful instructor and I feel as if I'm doing my body such good in your classes. I've been using muscles I never I knew I even had which makes a great addition to my fitness routines.

Anna Shaw - 2017

Jan, I just wanted to say that I have been struggling with debilitating anxiety for the last 20 years and thanks to you and your fantastic Pilates class and some seriously good CBT counselling that I have recently started - I am now slowly coming out the other side. Just want to say thank you and I am so glad I found you. What you do is truly amazing and you have changed my life. Again - thank you.

Carol - 2017

Dear Janet, I have wanted to have some photos of your flowers from your garden. In giving this card with a photo of your peonies it allows me to put into words my thanks for the guidance with Pilates you have provided, which has enabled me to have a greater body, confidence and better posture. Not forgetting my "Beyonce glutes":-)

Amy Penny - 2017

Jan is such an amazing teacher. I have learned so much. I enjoy going to the class every Wednesday. It has improved my core strength and help with my anxiety also. Thank you Jan.

Emily - 2017

I always enjoy reading your emails.

They are always written so beautifully. Informative, interesting, up-beat and caring.

You certainly have a real gift as a Pilates teacher. With your knowledge, sense of humour and caring nature.

You feed the body, mind and spirit. I always leave your classes feeling grounded and peaceful.

And the relaxation at the end finishes the classes off perfectly, and is a must!

Barbara, 2017

I'm so glad I found Pilates. Your classes are really fun and enjoyable - and thanks for keeping it interesting and challenging.

Izzy Cooper, The Studio - 2016

Can I take this opportunity to say a MASSIVE thanks for this year and everything you have done for me! Your care, attention and professional guidance has been highly appreciated and seriously put into action! You have helped instil confidence in me where I never though possible after my back surgery.

Emily Goldie, The Studio - 2016

Thank you for the great class last night and for looking after us so well with all your very thoughtful and very much appreciated cooling off techniques. Those cold eye packs for relaxation were wonderful!

You're always so attentive to our needs and you do so much to look after our bodies, minds and spirits.

You are a great teacher and I really do enjoy our classes.

N iki Truebridge, The Studio - 2016

Great to be back at pilates, cannot believe how much I love it, should have started years ago. In saying that there are many things in the lessons my physio taught me when my back collapsed to get me back on track many years ago. I guess sometimes you just need someone to inspire you and push you along, so thank you. Your classes are great.

Baz Green, The Studio - 2016

Thank you for your Pilates classes over the last 3 months. Since the middle of March you've introduced this fit-ish middle age bloke (Baz's words, not mine as he is very fit and not middle age:) to the world of pelvic tilts, proprioception and listening to my body. As a runner it has helped immeasurably and I don't think I would have been anywhere near as good at my recent trail marathon without your excellent, patient, precise teaching. It will stand me in good stead for working up to ultras. It isn't a girl's only activity, men can learn so much from these cross-training exercises both in-class and taking it back home and I'll continue to sing about the benefits.

Chrissy Judds, Marlow and The Studio - 2016

I have been attending Janet's Pilates classes for at least three years now and they have become a key part of life! Janet is an outstanding teacher who has the ability to personalise moves for each individual in her class as is necessary. 

During these three years I have been pregnant twice and continued attending the classes as long as I possibly could. Janet has a vast knowledge of what exercises and positions can and cannot be done during pregnancy and tailored my moves as necessary. My body and mind always felt much more at ease after a class. I am sure Pilates contributed to the very calm baby I had - I shall keep you posted re the second baby!

Katie Frame, The Studio - 2015

"I first met Jan when I did one to one Pilates classes with her which I loved but now I really enjoy the small and intimate group classes in her fantastic new studio. I've had recurrent upper back, neck and shoulder problems for the last 15 years but practicing Pilates has really helped with this - in fact one chiropractor said to me that if everyone did Pilates or Yoga she would be out of a job and now I see why! Jan is a really attentive instructor who has taken time to understand my 'weak spots' and always offers alternative Pilates moves to ensure I don't incur any issues in these areas. I always feel so relaxed after the classes and sleep better too - they're a real de-stressor and now part of my weekly routine - I hate to miss one!" 

Emma Coles, The Studio - 2015

I joined Jan's Yoga class in February. I was keen to start Yoga, having not attended a class before I was a bit nervous about not being very good or being disruptive. I was also nervous as I was mid treatment for breast cancer and had lost my hair, I was quite self conscious about it.

I n Jan's class I found a small community, a peaceful class which became pivotal to me.

I have flexibility that I didn't believe possible for me, a fantastic group of people and such a wonderful teacher, support and friend in Jan. Yoga is now a fundamental part of my life and so much richer as a result.

Maxine Ashman, David Lloyd and the Studio - 2015

Jan provides a very personal and informative Pilates session. She is able to demonstrate all the Pilates moves and talks you through each section so you can understand what to achieve and how it should look, even if you are regular attendee the little hints and tips she provides are invaluable to ensuring you are getting the most from your Pilates moves. She has a warm, attentive, friendly but professional persona making the classes relaxing, informative, ensuring you get the most out of the session to build core strength and flexibility. 

Jan was truly excellent and understanding whilst I was pregnant and was able to adapt moves for me as the months went on. She was always on hand to provide correction or in fact suggest different moves or techniques if certain moves were uncomfortable. You never feel under pressure in Jan's class, you can work at your own pace and with the options she provides you have all the different levels to work at or work towards.

If you have never tried Pilates before then now is your time to start with one of Jan's classes, you will be back for more.

Tony, Pilates, Bourne End - 2015

Until retirement I thought I was very fit, enjoying regular walking, swimming and the gym. A visit to the well man clinic about this time soon disabused me of my smug approach to life and in a very few years I faced a series off illnesses, two of which are chronic conditions.

The discovery of Parkinsonism and the side effects has so far proven the most devastating. The exercise regime I previously enjoyed had in some ways to be limited and even stopped. Day to day living became difficult.

I looked at exercise options, as a result, earlier this year I decided to try Pilates. I liked the idea of involving the mind and inner core body strength.

After a few months of attending weekly hour long classes I have noticed a significant increase in the strength within my body. It is not my intention to advocate this discipline for all, but it suits me. Our instructor Jan has a varied weekly syllabus, she takes an individual interest to ensure all understand what they should do and how this should be done and is careful to ensure any individual physical weakness or injury is suitably catered for.

It is my intention to pursue this discipline whilst able as I am feeling a noticeable benefit, and who would wish to miss the social atmosphere in a local café following our work out?

Dee Baines, Pilates, David Lloyd - 2014

Hi Jan

Just wanted to say I really, really enjoy my Pilate's classes at David Lloyd with you . We have good fun but also work hard to achieve the result .

So keep up the good work and look forward to my class later. Keep smiling.

Harriet Sparks, Pilates, Marlow - 2014

I have been attending Janet's classes for 18 months and love every minute!

I wasn't sure that Pilates would be for me but I was having major back problems and advised to try and now I am completely mobile and touch wood, hardly any pain.  Janet is friendly, funny and very professional and I know I am in safe hands. If I am struggling she helps no matter how many people come to her class I always feel I have her full attention. Her knowledge of the human body and Pilates is amazing… I totally recommend her classes

Jane Mason, Pilates, Bourne End - 2014

Last year I suffered a back injury whilst working (gardening). After diagnosing a trapped nerve in my lower back, my consultant recommended Pilates. I joined Jan's class in Bourne End in January 2014 and I have to say the benefits were instant! My sciatica symptoms diminished dramatically, my stomach muscles started to take on a new lease of life and I felt taller and calmer. Jan's classes are really enjoyable and she takes the time to get to know all of her members, taking into consideration various ailments/ conditions that may or may not be suitable for certain exercises.

Sarah Sheriff, Pilates, David Lloyd, High Wycombe - 2014

I started doing Pilates after a second operation. The first was a slipped disc and the second was a L4/5 discetomy. I was desperate to do something that was pro-active in terms of caring for my back. My physio recommended Pilates. I thought this was going to be dull but I was wrong. Jan is passionate about Pilates and there is nothing more attractive than someone who is so enthusiastic about their craft. The time goes so quickly because she uses a variety of exercises and of course she is tremendous fun. There have been many times when I have wondered if I could spare the time to go but I know it will make me feel better after and it ALWAYS does. My back feels strong now and I have no worries about my back anymore because Pilates has not only help strengthen my back and core muscles but it has also changed my posture. It is great!

Sue Coote, Pilates, Marlow - 2014

Jan makes the class very enjoyable and is a friendly and warm instructor, who makes sure that she pays special attention to any of us who have aches & pains, giving different levels for each exercise so we can choose how hard to push ourselves.

I joined Jan’s class over a year ago as working at my desk all day plays havoc with my posture, and I am keen to stay mobile, as I get older!!

I often start the class with an aching neck and shoulders up to my ears - by the end of the class the shoulders are down, neck mobile and I feel calm, centered and aligned.

Pilates benefits so many people with any level of fitness – I would recommend anyone giving Jan’s class a go!

Stacey Plant, Pilates, Marlow - 2014

Pilates at lunchtime is a welcome distraction from the office environment, sitting at a desk on a computer all day long is not good for my posture and Pilates with Jan has changed not only the way I sit, but physically I have also noticed a difference. It's relaxing and I have found my core strength is much better. I have recently taken up running and the Pilates breathing has helped with this also.

Kay Galvin, Pilates, Marlow - 2014

I started classes with Jan in September 2013, having never done any Pilates work before. I worried about not following exercises or not having good balance, but I needn't have. Even just one session a week has given me a much better consciousness about my whole body and my troublesome neck stiffness has gone! Jan is a great teacher with a lovely balance of pushing each of us as far as we wish and having fun!

Liz Southgate, Pilates, Cookham – 2014

I have benefited from Janet’s Pilates classes very much. I find it helpful in improving muscle tone and the stretching, and other exercises also helps with suppleness.

There has been a good balance to work all parts of the body. I can't do high impact exercises due to a knee injury and osteoarthritis and also a hip replacement.

Janet works us hard enough to get toned, but also makes it fun.

Simon Wilde, Pilates, Marlow - 2014

I have been attending classes with Janet for several months now, and have benefitted greatly from the way she runs her classes, ensuring everyone is doing the right thing and bringing her natural exuberance to her teaching as well.

I have a very stiff lower back and Pilates definitely helps with keeping it as strong and supple as possible. I would heartily recommend Pilates and Janet as a teacher.

Angela Plah, Pilates, Bourne End - 2014

I have been going to Pilates for 8 years and joined the Bourne End class about 10 months ago. It's great for strengthening, toning and for your balance. A calm controlled work out where you feel you have worked your muscles. Jan's positive attitude leaves you with a smile ready for the day standing taller and straighter.

Sukhy Shergill, Pilates and Body Balance, David Lloyd, High Wycombe - 2014

VERY BIG THANK YOU. You are a natural. Keep up all the good work. Jan I can't thank you enough the difference you have made since I have been attending your classes. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN. 

Nikky Stafford, Pilates, Cookham - 2013

I have only been doing Pilates for a short time but I am thoroughly enjoying the classes. Jan is always friendly, welcoming, clear and precise with the exercises and constantly checking that we are doing them correctly - now if I can just stop eating cakes and biscuits then maybe I will get the body I long for!

Paula Friesen, Pilates, Cookham - 2013

I find that Pilates is a tough but gentle way to exercise both the body and mind and the results are good. After an hour with Janet I feel all my aches and pains have gone away and I walk at least an inch or two taller! It is a great way of improving posture and finding all those muscles you never knew you had. Classes are fun and enjoyable and great for both new recruits and more advanced converts as well.

Claire Merrison, Body Balance at La Roche - 2013

I always look forward to my BB classes with Jan. Jan's soothing voice and clear direction make learning moves easy. If there was only one class I could do it would be Jan's Body Balance.

T Warren, Pilates, Cookham - 2013

I have been attending Jan's Pilates class for one and a half years. I would highly recommend Jan for the range of exercises she utilises, her teaching style and her genuine desire to see improvement in you from the benefits of Pilates. I have been to a number of classes in London (including reformer Pilates) and I can honestly say that Jan is the best Pilates teacher I have ever had. Jan's attention to detail and passion really come across. I have most definitely felt the positive benefits associated with this form of exercise and I always look forward to her classes!

Elaine Hughes, Pilates and Body Balance, Castle Royle - 2013

I started Pilates and Body balance about 5 months ago having realised that I was strong on the upper body (being a Sports massage therapist) and strong legs (horse riding being my main hobby) however I was very weak round the abdominals and 'inner core '. Under the fantastic and joyful teaching of Jan on both Pilates and Body balance, I have found that I am not only much stronger (bootcamp is a lot easier now!) but also much more toned round the midriff (hurrah!) and generally feel so much better in myself. It really focuses me on engaging my stomach muscles rather than being lazy and relying on the back muscles on a daily basis which helps me in everyday life and hopefully will keep me healthier for many years to come. Thanks Jan for keeping me encouraged and amused, you really are a class 1 teacher ! 

Sally Powell, Body Balance, La Roche - 2013

I have been practising Balance for over 12 years. It combines building core strength with body flexibility all wrapped up in motivating and moving music. The cherry on the top is a fun, professional teacher in Jan. She is the friend to our struggling bodies and most importantly to us. Chewing the fat whilst opening the hips... it's a good laugh!

Sue Carter, Pilates, Cookham - 2013

I have got so much out of going to Janet's Pilates classes. As a sufferer of Rheumatoid Arthritis this type of exercise is not only one that I can actually do, it helps to keep me mobile which is a huge issue in RA.

Another plus is that Janet gives me realistic alternatives and modifications to exercises that I would not otherwise be able to join in with. I can still feel a real part of the group and have fun whilst I'm at it!

John Morton, Pilates and Body Balance, Castle Royle - 2013

I have been attending Jan's Pilates and Body Balance classes for 6 months and have seen significant benefits during this period. Firstly, was a weight loss of 12 lbs, which really surprised me. Secondly, there was an increase in my core strength and flexibility. This has had a positive impact on my golf game resulting in 4 wins in an ongoing winter competition at Castle Royle and a reduction in my playing handicap to its lowest level ever. Jan is an inspiration and I can honestly say I look forward to attending her classes, even though they do start at 7 am, and then heading out onto the golf course!

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